We have been fortunate enough to provide coaching services to some fantastic people and teams. Here are comments from a few of them who felt the impact of our training:

Traci Warren, 5 Star Beachbody Elite Team Coach

Maxwell Leadership Game – Grow your team together

Steve Niemi, Tradesmen Electric

Jessica Tatieze, Zara Clinic

~ Brian S.

“This course has been beneficial in pushing my personal and professional development forward.  Forcing me to examine myself, strengths and weaknesses, assess where I want to go and how I might get there.” ~  John A.


“Attending Ty’s Mastermind session was a real eye opener.  As a result of the time spent, I learned a great deal about my leadership style, what was working and what areas needed some fine tuning.  Riveting and thought provoking conversations; time well spent!” ~ Cheri P.


“Ty Dye’s Mastermind group is an amazing platform for learning more about yourself and how to be a more influential leader.  I enjoyed every minute of it!” ~ Leanne L.


“I really enjoyed this group!  It really helped me see who I really am as a leader.” ~ Luke S.


“Ty is a man of great character and truly cares about having a positive impact on the lives of others.  The time I invested in the Mastermind group will pay huge dividends going forward.” ~ Jason B.


“A very mind opening course to participate in.  It will make you open up to the fact that you must live your life on purpose.” ~ Michael W.


“best coach! Worth every bit of investment! Wanna see your future, who are you connected to?!” ~ Kara Taylor Charlotte, NC


“I wanted to tell you that the session on gratitude not only blew the doors wide open but sent the hinges and bolts of those doors flying in all directions.  I finally get it.” ~ Melanie M.

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