Commitment Leads to Personal Strength

A commitment should be treated as a binding contract with yourself. Sadly, however, many of us break our commitments with little thought to what making that promise means. We commit to people, banks, work, pets, ourselves, and a host of others in our personal and professional lives. A commitment is something that you should really have no doubts about and not enter into lightly. It’s something you should give 100% of your whole self to.

When followed through on, commitment is a fulfilling endeavor that gives an immense sense of accomplishment. It represents progress and growth. Think about something you have committed to, followed through with to the end, and how you felt at the end knowing you didn’t give up along the way. Weight loss, getting a formal education, going for the big contract, and landing it.

We are social creatures who desire connections and relationships with others.

Sometimes commitment can be confused with staying with something long after you should—like a dead end job or a loveless marriage. If you’ve experienced this in your life—where your sense of commitment is actually harmful—let’s look at it for a moment. Ask yourself why you are still dedicated to something that you have doubts about or don’t believe in or worse yet, that you give less than your all to. People pick up on this subtle behavior. Some even take advantage of it. Don’t let commitment be a liability to your self. To stay committed to something, it requires effort and periodically you might need to change things up what to keep what you’re doing alive and fresh. If it’s harmful to you, though, it deserves to be re-assessed.

Commitments can ground you and keep you active and engaged in life. Being free and having few commitments sounds so refreshing to many who have spouses, children, pets, jobs, mortgages, but for only a fleeting moment when life feels heavy and burdensome. We are social creatures who desire connections and relationships with others. A sense of accomplishment and pride in our contributions to making life better for everyone in our lives is something we crave…and need.

Sometimes we need help with our commitments and we seek out this help through our friends, co-workers, spouses, coaches, and mentors. By asking for help, we can strengthen our commitment to ourselves and others. When fulfilling our obligations and commitments and following through to the end, we build character, and character makes us strong.

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