Combating Comfort Leads to Change

On Wikipedia, comfortable is defined as, “…a sense of physical or psychological ease and a lack of hardship”, while uncomfortable is defined as, “people lacking in comfort”. I disagree with aspects of that definition–more specifically, I’m hung up on the word “lacking”. I generally think of people who are comfortable as lacking. Let me explain.

Comfort is deceptive

When you go along in life and stay within the lines, always on the safe side of the street, not taking risks and staying under the radar, yes, you are acting from a position of comfort. But being comfortable also means you don’t ruffle feathers, you don’t mix things up, you avoid drama or challenge, you don’t take risks–you essentially give your life a backseat. And that is not the life I want to live.

I don’t necessarily desire to ruffle feathers, and honestly, the safe side of the street seems like a trap. No, far from comfort is where I dwell. I want to be the guy that takes the risks, the one that lives in a slightly uncomfortable zone because that is a space of growth. Taking life by the horns, experiencing new things, having new adventures, dreaming big dreams and better yet, acting on them is how I live the life I desire.

“When we embrace comfort we put ourselves in a place where boredom can set in.”

When we embrace comfort we put ourselves in a place where boredom can set in. Comfort breeds processed TV dinners in front of the television night after night with nothing worthwhile to say to your spouse while the kids are glued to fantasy role playing video games because it’s a safe life. B-O-R-I-N-G! Professionally, comfort is where I think people live when they’re afraid of going for the big promotion because they live in fear that they aren’t good enough. That’s nonsense.

Being good enough is not good enough

Good enough is stagnation. I don’t subscribe to that philosophy. We can all be “good enough”, but where does that get us? And here’s a little secret. You’re already good enough. As a matter of fact, and you may not realize it yet, but you’re better than good enough. Good enough is where we start, and staying there is not an option for me. Did I always think this way? No. I lived in comfort, I ate the TV dinners. But one day my mentor pushed me, questioned me, forced me to look clearly, and open my eyes. I didn’t necessarily know he was my mentor at the time. He was just a close friend, but he pushed me to dream bigger than comfortable. He pushed me to want more out of life and to own it. Going after the big fish.

It takes time and practice to embrace a life where comfort is a behind you rather than in front of you. But I have developed physical and psychological ease because I am reaching for the stars and pursuing my dreams. I am going to do whatever it takes to get there! My mentor pushed me, changing my thinking through deceptively simple ideologies like, “…even though you don’t believe it now, trust in my belief in you”. That was motivation. It got me thinking and helped me realize that I trusted in his belief (in me) and that I could do the things that I’d dreamed. How my life changed.

Yes, that mentor got me out from in front of that television and off the couch to living life! He helped me see that comfort, while safe, is restrictive and stifling. And he put me on the path to my future. The best part is that now I am mentoring others to achieve their dreams. Comfort is not my goal–I’ll take uncomfortable any day!


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