360 Advisory Board

Join a 360 Advisory Board and Gain a 360 Degree Perspective to Your Business

You are a business owner. Your business success and failure rests on your shoulders.
How many times have you wished you could, in confidence, speak to someone who has
been where you are at and get some good advice? How many times have you laid awake
at night wondering what other business owners do to resolve the same issue? You are not
alone and now you don’t have to try it alone.
Becoming a member of 360 Advisory Board, you will achieve higher levels of success,
increase influence and reduce stress by working with other business owners. This group
is a peer-to-peer advisory board designed for owners of non-competing businesses to
have a confidential environment to solve today’s business challenges. You will be able to
discuss strategies, tactics, share best practices, and address performance issues.

All participants get a 360 degree view from the other owner’s perspective to their own challenges.
Fellow business owners with similar goals and objectives sharing different perspectives and solutions.
Monthly board meetings help participants to follow through on actions they want to take.
A 3-year study by SBA shows businesses with an advisory board grew 2 times faster than those without one.
Questions from outside views help to ensure focus, messaging and clarity.
Many entrepreneurs feel alone and isolated, but with a 360 Board you have a team of trusted advisors that you can count on.
A steady and deliberate process of growing yourself, your knowledge and your expertise about business from a practical application as well as structured curriculum.
A diverse set of talents, skills and experiences creates greater insight into the hard decisions that owners must make.
A sounding board where you can air prospective ideas for your business and receive unbiased feedback.


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