About Ty

My name is Ty Dye (and yes, that’s really my name). I specialize in professional coaching for individuals and groups. I have worked with dozens of organizations and entrepreneurs helping them to achieve their business goals.

One of the most important elements in becoming a successful business is establishing a brand that people remember. For me, the name Ty Dye was a natural brand in and of itself, but a memorable name is only part of the equation. A strong brand needs a strong vision and good leadership. This is where I excel. I help business owners and entrepreneurs identify their strengths–allowing them to utilize their full potential.

If growing and developing in your leadership skills and influence are important to you then you will benefit from my approach to professional coaching. I don’t believe in a monologue, but rather, establishing a dialogue.

Success Is About Family

I married my high school sweet heart over 25 years ago. We have 3 grown children. Derek is married to Megan and have a beautiful daughter name Aviana Grace.  Alysia is married to Chris and they have a miracle girl name Laylah Rae. She was born 14 weeks premature but you wouldn’t know it now. My baby girl is Krystal and she is pursuing her dream of being a professional wrestler.  Be careful when you teach your kids anything is possible, they will believe you.

My beautiful wife Trish has stood by me through many challenges and experiences that have made me who I am today. She is the perfect example of a Proverbs 31 women–A wife of noble character. We are working on a project together in order to begin teaching how to have a successful fulfilled marriage.

I have been in sales and sales management my entire life. My parents owned an automotive supply store while I was growing up, so I literally have been involved in business since I was in the womb. Some of my greatest lessons in business came from my early years and have become the foundation stones in my leadership training and development of others.

Trish and I were born and raised in Montana and moved to Alaska shortly after our second child was born. We lived in the North Pole, Alaska for 11 years. There are many stories of our experiences living there–including more than a few about Santa Claus and Reindeer, but this isn’t the time for that. We moved our family to Vancouver, WA just outside of Portland, Oregon in 2002. We wanted to offer our kids the best opportunities and education we could find. The Pacific Northwest has become our home with all of our kids and grandkids currently living in Vancouver as well.

The Road to Leadership Coach

w John at Palace
My extensive experience in growing sales and developing teams started me into studying people and self improvement in 1994. One of my early favorite authors was John C. Maxwell. I have used many of his books to train as a leadership coach and develop others over the years, and the results are always amazing. What I didn’t know was that by choosing to have John C. Maxwell as one of my mentors that I was actually setting into motion the process of being able to work closely with him 20 years later.  In June of 2013 I was asked to travel with John Maxwell to Guatemala to train leaders. This has been a highlight of my career and a life changing experience.

I was recently highlighted in the Vancouver Business Journal so here is some more about me, enjoy.

If you have questions about our business and leadership coaching services, or how I can help you reach your goal please feel free to contact us.

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